NO. ____ S. 2017

TO: School Heads
Teachers Concerned

District Supervisor

Subject: Details on the Conduct of Davao City Athletic Meet 2017

Date: October 30, 2017

The following are the details on the conduct of the Davao City Athletic Meet 2017 on November 6-10, 2017 at Davao City National High School; to wit:

1. ARLENOR T. ABELARDO, Ed. D. – Unit 2 chairperson

School Heads are advised to report to the venue on the specified dates below:

November 6, 2017 – All School Heads
November 7, 2017 –Mrs. Ruby A. Briones
November 8, 2017 – All School Heads
November 9, 2017 – Mr. Melchor D. Ongcay
Mr. Andres S. Perez
November 10, 2017 – (in-charge –Tibungco District)
Miss Aliminda Castanares
Mrs. Rameline Combatir

2. November 3, 2017
A. Preparation of Clean and Green site- (no more booth)
a. The following teachers are advised to report to DCNHS –Unit 2 quarter at 8:00 o’clock in the morning for the preparation; to wit:

F. Bustamante Central E/S AFPLC E/S
Mr. Leonardo Tiongson – overall chair Mr. Pedro Tiongson, Jr.
Mrs. Jenalyn Gonzani Mr. Gene Igpit
Mrs. Maravilla Bantayan Mrs. Leny Malazarte
Mr. Alvin Olaer

A. Pichon E/S Osmena E/S
Mr. Isagani Sarong Mrs. Arlen Agustin
Miss Charlyn Mr. Lyndon Navales
Mr. Tomas Alce

Sixto Babao E/S VF Corcuera E/S
Mrs. Dorieza Bautista Mr. Nino Zamora
Mrs. Suecia Farparan Mrs. Elsa Revilla
Miss Maria Rosalie Cozo Mr. Alemer Veloso

Per school are required to bring the following:
– 3 potted plants
– 1 Christmas light with extension wire
– Pongee cloth – available color from the school
– Flaglets – Sixto Babao E/S
Emphasis on solid waste management
– Six sets of bins to be put in designated areas (budget to be
taken from the Sports Clinic fund)
-Labelling of bins in-charge – Mr. Pedro Tiongson , Jr.

-Tarp and bulletin board will be prepared by Mr. Dexter Lamparas
Expenses will be reimbursed by Mrs. Belinda Segovia to be taken from
the Unit 2 Sports Clinic Seminar funds.
3. B. Food Committee will convene at the district office at 1:00 PM (November 3, 2017)
after the inventory of kitchen utensils by the chairperson; to wit:
– Mrs. Novaliza Calumba – F. Bustamante Central E/S – Chairperson
– Mr. Gem Robles – F. Bustamante Central E/S
– Mrs. Ann Calderon – F. Bustamante Central E/S
-Mrs. Zenaida Amora – Sixto Babao E/S
– Mrs. Shiela Villanueva – Sixto Babao E/S
-Mrs. Hilda Bernal – VF Corcuera E/S
– Mr. Gene Igpit – AFPLC E/S
– Mr. Elmer Sugarol – A. Pichon E/S
– Mr. Alemer Veloso – VF Corcuera E/S
– Mrs. Susan Cui Osmeña E/S
– Mrs. Margie Sastre Monday and Tuesday

– Mr. Frankieczar Junio Wednesday
– Mr. Ruben Guevara to Friday

*Mr. Jason Cerna of Sixto Babao E/S is assigned to deliver food to the
athletes in different venues.

*The committee will report to Unit 2 quarter for the whole duration of the
athletic meet.
*5 teachers per district to assist in preparing the food and in monitoring
proper waste disposal

3. November 6, 2017

SALUDO – in-charge – Mr. Julie G. Yarso and Mr. Andy Lucero
– PSDS, Coaches and Chaperon – wear Unit 2 blue in white T-shirt
– Athletes – wear white t-shirt with official printing (t-shirt printing will be done at DCNHS
– Mr. Gem Robles – Drummer for saludo presentation
Bring quadrupole instrument
– Bring megaphone and unit 2 banner
– Dr. Abelardo will convene the coaches for instructions in the maintenance of cleanliness of the assigned area.
– Mr. Lucero as chairperson for monitoring of quarters

4. November 8, 2017 – Schedule of PSDSs and School Heads’ Visitation
– Snacks and lunch to be served with sea foods curry
5. November 10, 2017 – Schedule of Tibungco District

* Mr. Pedro Tiongson , Jr. – in-charge of the following:
1. request for Unit 2 playing equipment after the Unit 2 Meet.
2. distribution of athletes’ transportation allowance to the respective
*Mrs. Nimfa Asuque and Mr. Pedro Tiongson, Jr.– Liquidation in-charge

Please be guided accordingly.