Teacher I
Vedasto F. Corcuera Elementary School

This study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of RCP Strategies and Beginning Reading and its impact in improving the reading skills of Kindergarten Pupils at Vedasto F. Corcuera Elementary School. The study used the Descriptive Comparative Design using ANOVA. The research findings suggested that this strategy be used in teaching reading for Kindergarten level. The result of this study helped in inculcating the value of reading among learners.

Beginning Reading instruction is an essential part of kindergarten classroom. This is a prime period in the children’s development to build the foundation of learning. All children need this foundation, and research has shown the way to building it for students with diverse needs and abilities. Kindergarten marks the beginning of a child’s first formal year of reading instruction. It is a crucial stage in child’s development because the success or failure of pupils in their future studies will depend much on their mastery of reading. If a child knows letter names and its sounds they will have an advantage because these are the primary goals in reading skills. When a child’s assisted in sounding out and blending the sounds together they can create a “word” they quickly identify the word and are able to make a connection between the oral and print version of letters.
According to Simmons (2014) the truth of learning to read is anything but natural. Therefore, the teaching of beginning reading is a supreme importance and must be purposeful, strategic and grounded in the methods proven effective. According to the new estimates, there are 757 million adults, including 115 million youth, who still cannot read or write. (UNESCO). And two-third of them is female. Furthermore the RCP strategies have a big effect in beginning reading of kindergarten level. Teaching reading to a child is not an easy task. Oftentimes the teachers are facing with struggles in teaching letters and sounds, syllables, and word recognition. The researcher was challenged to develop the reading abilities of the children, since they rely what the teacher taught to them so they must be equipped with different strategies, methods, concepts and motivation. And enable the child being prepared to learn how to read in our alphabetic writing system.RCP strategies and beginning reading can be define as the child learns to sounding out the letter and blending the sound together to create a word. (Collins Thesaurus of the English Language). The child can easily determine the vowel letters through their hand, and can blend the consonant letters to form syllables then to form a word. In a joint paper, Walker et.al (2013) stresses that teachers are overwhelmingly positive about phonics as an approach to teaching reading in beginning reading development. However they argue that it is better to teach children to variety of different methods from simplest sounds to complex combination of letters.
In the Philippines reading is essential skill because it is needed for all future learning it is stated by Hibanada (2012). She mentions that to meet the needs of early grade readers the teacher should equipped the student-centered teaching methodologies especially in kindergarten students in Muntinlupa City. She noted that the environment and the teacher play important roles in the beginning academic performance among students development of reading skills of kindergarten students.
In addition some school in kindergarten use hand signals to teach short vowel sound. The kiddos would quickly make motions while reading the CVC words. The motions served as a cue to the correct pronunciation of the vowel sounds. Based on their study they compared that when teacher’s use hand signals when teaching vowel sounds, students are much more accurate when reading words (http:blog.maketaketeach.com/using-hand-signals-to-teach-short-vowel-sounds)
And in the local context of the students of Vedasto F. Corcuera Elem. School, kindergarten children had been noted to have difficulty in beginning reading. And based on her observation, kindergarten possessed poor reading performance. These encourage the researcher to conduct a study on the interventions to be applied to the learners.

This study is conducted to find out to improve the beginning reading skills through RCP strategies of kindergarten pupils. This study sought to answer the following questions:
1. What is the mean score of the three groups when exposed to RCP strategies in terms of Hand-Vowel-Consonant-Technique (HVCT), letters/sounds, and games?
2. What is the level of performance of students in understanding in beginning reading skills in kinder pupils?
3. Is there a significant difference in the performance of student in understanding beginning reading skills when exposed to RCP strategies?
4. Is there a significant difference in the three interventions the Hand-Vowel-Consonant-Technique, letter and sounds and games associated with the difference of students in understanding RCP strategies in beginning reading?
5. What is the effect size of Hand-Vowel-Consonant- Technique (H-V-C-T Technique) letter and sounds and games to the performance of students in understanding in RCP strategies in beginning reading in kindergarten pupils?
The following terminologies used were defined operationally for better understanding:

ROSIE CALAQUE PEREZ (RCP STRATEGIES)– refers to the combine strategies namely Hand- Vowel-Consonant-Technique (H-V-C-T) letter/sound and games which operationally define below.
Hand-Vowel-Consonant-Technique (H-V-C-T) –it is own technique of the researcher and it refers to the teaching reading methodology that the pupils can easily identify the vowel letters using their hand, wherein the position of every letters in their finger is constant that will be followed by the child. The “pinky finger” represents letter “a” the “ring finger”-“e” the “middle finger”- “i” the “index”-“o” the last one “thumb”-“u”. The child can easily determine the vowel then by putting consonant letters a student can start blending the consonant to vowel sounds to form syllables like ba,be,bi,bo,bu using their hand they just like counting start from pinky finger to thumb.
Letter/sound approach- refers to the systematic teaching approach where the students identify letters and perform the sounding out of each letter.
Games Approach– refers to the motivation given to students after presenting the letters and its sounds wherein the students are active in performing a given activities.

The researcher utilized the Descriptive- Comparative Research Design. The respondent study was 90 pupils of kindergarten level of Vedasto F. Corcuera Elem. School S.Y. 2015-2016. The study was conducted at VFCES located at Malagamot, Panacan Davao City. The research made use the Probability Sampling using Simple Random Technique. Further the researcher will use Mean and Standard Deviation, Paired-Samples, One-Way ANOVA, Tukey HSD and the Effect size as statistical tool of the study.
The researcher asked permission from the school principal to conduct the research. Pre-test was administered RCP strategies was implemented. Post test was administered; data were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted to determine the effectiveness of this strategies and intervention.

1. The mean score of the three groups when exposed to RCP strategies in terms of Hand-Vowel-Consonant-Technique (HVCT), letters/sounds is excellent, while games is very satisfactory?
2. The level of performance of students in understanding in beginning reading skills in kinder pupils?
3. There is a significant difference in the performance of the student in understanding the beginning reading when exposed to RCP Strategies.
4. There is a significant difference in the three strategies in RCP Strategies associated with the difference in performance of students in understanding Beginning Reading.
5. RCP Strategies has a large effect size to the performance of Kindergarten Pupils in understanding Beginning Reading.

Based on the above statistical results, HVCT and letter sound got the highest mean score among the three strategies. Therefore, RCP strategies is recommended to be adopted by the teachers of Vedasto F. Corcuera Elem. School and other schools of Tibungco District particularly all kindergarten teachers.


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